Imagine Me To Be There / Sylvia Rimat / Weds 18th March

So there was the start we all enterd the room we all sat down we were silince so the lady on the stage she was tipping on her laptop so there was load of tiping she was talking abou a man with a gray-red stripy top and a brown beard so he was talking about anuther girl called emma she got called the girl with the long red and black and white stripy dress and lipstic on. So she called someone onto the stage so she could nick he was to play a drum rool so the lady was still tiping so she told two girls with a red jacket and a blue top to leave the room. A man came in with a bucket of blood pored it on the stage so the lady on the stag got up on her feet and took her trousers off and we seen her pants and then she took off her top and sat on the floor and was wiping the blood with her top and the lights turned on and everyone started laughing and claping it was so good I enjoyed it it was fun.

– James Fraser Campblle, 12


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