4D Cinema / Mamoru Iriguchi / Thurs 19th March


“(…) the impossibility of understanding the new without reference to the old. Only in so far as it stands out against the old can the new be what it claims to be, only in so far as it is mediated by the knowledge of the old can the new be recognised”.

– Alexander Garçia Düttman “A Short Diary of the New”


Originality, something which is somehow or to some extent new and radically different to that which has come before, is not an adjective that I am often moved to use. “4D Cinema” however, is indeed original. The interplay between old and new, past and present-future are the very fabric of the piece (in terms of both content and structure). Its wonderful palindromic nature invites us, not only to have a face to face and fully 3D encounter with Marlene Dietrich, but more importantly to face the inexorable passage of time, the forever fading light of the present, and our impending mortality.


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