Soiled / Jamie McMurry / Weds 18th March


“You may be told that the legal decisions lead the changes, that judges and lawmakers lead the culture in those theaters called courtrooms, but they only ratify change. They are almost never where change begins, only where it ends up, for most changes travel from the edges to the center”.

– Rebecca Solnit – Hope in the Dark (2005)


Jamie McMurry changes himself in front of me. Really close up. He shudders and vibrates in the cold Glasgow air. I see him vomit and splutter, pierce his flesh with a safety pin, destroy the bedroom furniture he’s made in front of us. He’s a shaman of Americana, a change-merchant, and analogue warrior in a new physical frontier. The quote is about the societal change of attitudes and perhaps beliefs. The performance is, for me about individual responsibility and embodiment of the edges of self.


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