Pop / The Moptops / Thurs 19th March


“Each place is the focus of a distinct mixture of wider and more local social relations… [and] from the accumulated history of a place, with that history itself imagined as the product of layer upon layer of different sets of linkages, both local and to the wider world”.

– Doreen Massey Space, Place and Gender (1994)


Siting Buzzcut at the Pearce Institute in Govan demonstrates how a festival might simultaneously enact this mixture of wide and local social relations. A curious set of linkages emerge from residing in a community that only temporarily feels like your own. Sometimes these exist as a clash, a misunderstanding of each other. At other times there are moments of communality and inter-dependence.

During the Moptops performance of Pop, a teenage girl from Govan walks around the space with a clipboard asking the audience what they are afraid of. When one audience member replies “success and failure”. The girl replies sarcastically “In-ter-es-ting”. The audience laughs.

At the end of the performance the audience are encouraged to participate in a full-blown food fight with popcorn. In this moment the differences between the people in the room seems to diminish.


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