The Daily Grind / Laurie Brown / Thur 19th March


“The autobiographical and the political are interconnected. Who speaks? What is spoken? What sorts of lives are represented, contested, imagined? The vast majority of autobiographical performances have been concerned with using the public arena of performance in order to ‘speak out’, attempting to make visible denied or marginalised subjects, or to ‘talk back’, aiming to challenge, contest and problematise dominant representations and assumptions about those subjects”.

Deirdre Heddon Autobiography and Performance (2008)


In The Daily Grind Laurie performs – critically – a joyous delight in his sexuality, a sexuality that is pumped up, fast, anonymous, vibrant, fleeting, sexy. This is the representation of gay sex as many (straight) people might imagine it. But then Laurie flips his story, replacing the ‘sexy’ with the dark, the addictive, the damaging. This is not a story too many hear now, either. It’s a risk, speaking out the underside of sexual drive as a queer man. It’s a risk that needs a bit more calibration yet, but it’s great that we’re hearing this story at the beginning of its restorying.


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