The Buzzcut Commonplace Book derives from a model of creative response developed for the Abandoned Practices Institute by Mark Jeffery (ATOM-r), Lin Hixson and Matthew Goulish (Every house has a door).

Commonplacing was a practice used by writers to compile associative found texts in a scrapbook. These texts would often be accompanied by a personal commentary or gloss and the practice was popular with authors such as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This version of the Commonplace Book for Buzzcut 2015 is an alternative kind of documentation that takes the form an online space for creative reflections on the work at the festival. Every audience member will have the opportunity to contribute to this online work by submitting a quotation and a gloss in any form in response to the work they see.

The Buzzcut Commonplace Book is also a performance that will be developed over the 5 days of the festival in response to the work. It will be a meeting point between my practice, the work of the artists presenting and the reflections of the festival audience.

Find out more details on how to contribute on the instructions page. Read about the critical context of the project here


Artist Bio:

Harry Wilson is a performance maker, researcher and sound artist based in Glasgow.

Harry has shown work at festivals and venues including the Arches, IETM, BAC, Forest Fringe, Hunt and Darton Café, Buzzcut and Summerhall. He has also collaborated with Untitled Projects, Ankur Productions, Magnetic North and Glas(s) Performance.

Harry is currently researching the relationship(s) between performance and photography as part of a practice-based PhD at the University of Glasgow.



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